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Collaboration Center is a community for inclusion, focused upon: 

  1. Family and peer engagement, socialization and recreation

  2. Activities that motivate and empower

  3. Therapy that delivers the ability to interact and participate

  4. Building life skills for maximum independence

  5. Sharing space, in which to collaborate with other disability service providers


With the current growth in diagnoses and prevalence of intellectual and developmental disabilities, Southern Nevada has witnessed a gap in opportunities to service this group of children, youth, young adults, and their families. Resources in the Las Vegas Valley are limiting, as there are often long waiting lists, and they are primarily based on one-to-one therapy and training sessions rather than an inclusive and collaborative group approach that addresses each participant’s collective needs.


Collaboration Center will serve those with different and unique abilities, and their families, offering therapy, education, social and recreational skill development, vocational training, and the opportunity for daily living skill training, and family inclusion events - all within one location.  This group setting provides the ideal environment in which to help individuals with disabilities and their families, enjoy the learning process, while being motivated and empowered.


The Facility:

The facility is 35,325 Sq. Ft., consisting of 19,592 Sq. Ft. on the 1st floor, 13,317 Sq. Ft. on the 2nd floor, and 2,416 Sq. Ft. for the swimming pool enclosure.


The location is one parcel south of the Patrick Lane, and adjacent to a Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall. A Holiday Day Inn Express and a Mini-Storage facility are located on the west side of the street. Clark County Department of Aviation land is adjacent to the property on the south and east sides. The location is one block east of Rainbow Blvd and Patrick Lane, where a traffic light facilitates access.


Therapy Units:

There will be a total of 18 therapy rooms.


Collaborative Office Units:

Professional office space to work collaboratively with service providers within the disability community.


To facilitate social/recreational inclusion opportunities, on site facilities will include: 

  • Fitness Area

  • Community Pool

  • Basketball Court

  • Tennis Courts

  • A Cafe

  • Playgrounds for Children in a Parklike Setting

  • Multi-purpose Rooms for Classes, Workshops and Family Events 


Specific forms of therapy, recreation, social and life skill development include, but will not be limited to:

 Advocacy/Leadership Development Training

  • Aqua Therapy, Exercise and Swim Classes

  • Basic Life Skills Training

  • Basketball and Tennis Lessons

  • Behavior Therapy

  • Case Management

  • Community Resource Referral Program

  • Dietician Services

  • Exercise Classes and Training

  • Family Inclusion Events and Sibling Support

  • Haircuts for Individuals with Sensory Challenges

  • Music and Art Therapy Classes

  • Nutrition Counseling and Cooking Classes (With Potential Celebrity Chef involvement)

  • Occupational Therapy for Fine/Gross Motor Skills and Sensory Issues

  • Peer Buddy Program

  • Physical Therapy

  • Social Skills Group Therapy and Training

  • Speech/Language Therapy

  • Support Groups, Educational Seminars and Training Workshops for Center participants and their family members

  • Wellness Programs


Collaboration Center allows for therapy and recreation to become a cohesive family-centered experience. The single campus model, which can then also engage in opportunities for social interaction, is what makes Collaboration Center unique. Very few centers and providers in our community are integrating the recreational/wellness component, and this is what will allow us to hold a position of competitive advantage.

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